Did you know AniList before?


I am curious who already used this site before the "MAL-incident" and who just came here cuz MAL is down (like me)

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I created my account 3 hours ago XD
Never heard about this place before :/ (thx mal)


I joined this site about a year ago at the recommendation of a friend.
I've never seen it as active as it is now with all these MAL refugees. :0


To be honest, I was actually comfortable enough with MAL and never looked into alternatives until it stopped working, which is the minimum requirement I had for it. Now, AniList actually feels designed better and I absolutely love the stats here.


I signed up years ago to use AniList as a backup account, since it was easy enough to do with the import feature. I have a backup account on quite a few sites, since they also sometimes offer unique stats or recommendation pages.


Back in the day I was curious about the other platforms similar to MAL so I've made accounts on AniList and Kitsu (at that time it was called Hummingbird).
So even if I had this account I only came back when MAL went down. And it was definitely a good idea.


I didnt, ever since I started watching anime last year I have been using MAL and didnt even bothered looking for alternatives....but I am very happy I came here. Especially engaging the community is designed in a more attractive way compared to MAL


Just like many others I treated Anilist as a backup site that simply looked better. Now I am not only glad that I imported my MAL list shortly before MAL went down completely but I was also happy to see that Anilist had improved drastically recently. Apart from the redesign I am also a big fan of the Advanced Scoring system, which we can individually expand and adjust, that allowed me to finally give an accurate score to the anime I watched. Add to that how fast the UI is and the Global feature and I can not see myself ever using MAL as a main again, or at all. Whatever the team behind Anilist was doing to arrive at this point, I hope they keep doing it.


Not sure if i'll stay or not Still lacks some useful features that MAL has like opening songs/endings and recommendations etc


I just read that Recommendations are on the to-do list and will be implemented soon, but without an ETA. Check this post by a mod https://anilist.co/forum/thread/3248/comment/73013

I think all of us have different must-have features, over time I hope that the Anilist staff will implement some of the most requested ones. As for me, the redesign fixed the few issues that I had.


Yeah the redesign fixed my "Is switching even an option" issue


I've known it before the slight redesign to the UI moving the topbar from the side to the top But I might actually stay now that it looks better


Nah, I am using it for the first time.


I joined the site on either day 1 or 2 and that was a while ago.


I've been using AL since 2014 I think... I switched from MAL after my friends started using it. So glad I did. :D


Been lurking on this site for almost 4 years now.
With the recent MAL incident maybe it'll get a bit livelier around here!


I definitely think so, if people decide to stay. When I joined a few years ago, Anilist was much more social but before this update it got pretty quiet around here. The community is absolutely wonderful here so I really hope some people switch over to Anilist!


Signed up years ago but never use until now.


I had heard about it for a while now, and coincidentally decided to try Anilist just a day before the MAL incident, so I had time to export my list. Now I've decided to move here permanently because I like it a lot more than MAL.


yeah i like this site more than more, more clean design imo


I've had a Anilist, Kitsu and AniDB account for about 2 years, I really like this site so it'll be my primary tracker now and MAL will be my backup if and when it comes back.


I came here earlier, because I wasn't satisfied with MAL. This is my primary site for listing the anime I watch, but I keep a MAL account for its greater popularity. With MAL going down, I'm glad I was using two sites and not just one.