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Dungeon Tou de Yadoya wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou wo Moratta Ore no Hosoude Hanjouki

Shiro Sanada, who works for an exploitative company, got hooked into another world. There, he found a world where men and women's positions are reversed from our world! The women are in charge of dangerous adventures and battles, and men are in charge of housework. After escaping from the castle where he was captured, Shiro arrived on a deserted island. Using the "creation magic" granted to him by the Goddess, he decided to start an inn for visitors to the island's dungeon, but...

Everyone was looking at me, a fragile man, with dirty looks in their eyes...... trying to seduce me.
The story of a man who entertains the women of another world begins!

(Source: Ichijinsha, translated)