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Itsumo Baka ni Shitekuru Bishoujotachi to Zetsuen Shitara, Jitsuwa Ore no Koto ga Daisukidatta Youda.

"I want to break up with you."

In the winter of his first year of high school, Yuta Miyamoto, who always tries to be "a nice guy," was dumped by his girlfriend, Yumi Asakawa. Yumi, a popular model, had chosen a young actor over her childhood friend Yuta.

And now, even though the wounds of a broken heart have not yet healed, Akane Kurosaki, a junior girl who was supposed to be his friend, keeps teasing him, "That's why you still can't get a girlfriend." Meanwhile, Ruri, his favorite girl at the maid café, treats him "like a slave."

It feels like everyone is always taking advantage and making fun of him for trying to be nice.

Yuta, disgusted with himself, declares that he will no longer ...

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