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Oshi no Seiso Idol ga Jitsuwa Tonari no Namegeki de Ore no Yome

Tatsuya Kageishi's boring life changed to a life of an otaku fan when he saw Aoi Tsubasa, an idol with outstanding singing ability. However, the gal Maika Akabane in his class turned out to be Tsubasa herself, hiding her true identity! But Maika had a problem. If she did not find a boyfriend soon, she will be forced into an arranged marriage and have to retire as an idol. Tatsuya was in despair when he heard the news, but then she asked him to become her fake boyfriend.

To show that they are really lovers, they'll have a lovey-dovey photo shoot, walk to school together, and go to an amusement park on a holiday!
At a live concert, she gave him a secret wink!
Maika, whom he thought was just gal who liked ...

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