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Tenseisaki wa Moumoku Youjo deshita: Zensei no Kioku to Mahou wo Tayori ni Ikinobimasu

Countess Phyllis suddenly regained memories of her previous life. It seems that she was a ordinary Japanese girl who was reborn into this world. But in this world she is blind, her mother is dead, and her father and brother treat her coldly. The only kind people in her life are her half-sister and her maid. Under these difficult circumstances, she was unable to do anything on her own. But even though she has the body of a five-year-old, she now has the brain of an adult! Determined to become more independent, she made use of the plentiful mana she was blessed with to learn magic and live a strong life. Then one day, while out on a trip, Phyllis got into an accident. She thought her second life was over. Until a big wolf ...

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