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Hoshimi-kun no Produce

Jiro Hoshimi calls himself the "bestest and cutest" cross-dressing boy. When he walks down the street in girls clothes, he catches everyone's eye with his beauty. He hides his cross-dressing from everyone at school, until one day he is found out by the girl sitting next to him, Shinnei Shiyoru. In exchange for keeping his secret, she asks him "to make me as pretty as Hoshimi-kun!" Now Shinnei's grand makeover is begins. Hoshimi gives her make-up, takes her shopping for clothes while dressed as a girl, and takes pictures of her looking good at a dessert shop. The too-cute Hoshimi-kun teaches Shinnei all his tricks. "But Hoshimi-kun is a boy......," she says, as Shinnei is still a little...... self-conscious of the opposit...

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