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Itsumo Baka ni Shitekuru Bishoujotachi to Zetsuen Shitara, Jitsuwa Ore no Koto ga Daisukidatta Youda.

"Let's break up."

In the winter of his first year of high school, Yuta Miyamoto, who always tries to be "a nice guy," gets dumped by his girlfriend, Yumi Asakawa. As he tries to recover from the breakup, the junior girl Akane Kurosaki calls him the "can't-get-a-girl guy," and Ruriri, his favorite girl at the maid-cafe, treats him "like a slave." Yuta, fed up with the bullying, tells all three that he doesn't want anything to do with them anymore, but their reaction is not what he expected! A "suck-up" romantic comedy starts now!

(Source: Comic Days, translated)