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Suterare Reijou wa Renkinjutsushi ni Narimashita. Kasei da Okane de Moto Tekikoku no Shou wo Kounyuu shimasu.

A Tsundere Love Story!

Chloe is an alchemist of (self-proclaimed) rare beauty. She used to be the esteemed daughter of a duke, but three years ago her engagement was suddenly annulled and she was stripped of her title and privileges! With nowhere else to go, she became an alchemist’s apprentice until she was rich enough to have her own alchemy shop in the royal capital! Now a penny-pincher, Chloe goes out of her way to purchase Julius, the former general of an enemy kingdom dubbed the Black Prince for his cruel nature and cold-heartedness! She purchased him to be her bodyguard so she can more efficiently gather materials for alchemy, but his personality is just awful! And yet, Chloe finds herself slowly drawn to...

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