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Magical Nan

Yuu Watase Masterpiece Collection Volume 2.

1. Magical Nan (マジカル・ナン)
Nan rescues a capsule from some sharks. Inside, she finds a creature with the dolphin necklace she had given her brother Jun before he left several years before to search for mythical animals. Later, some strange men come to take the beast away by force.

2. Yamato Nadeshiko Romanesque (大和撫子ロマネスク)
Due to past remembrances, Fumino refuses to wear ordinary school uniforms since they are based off the outfits of foreign sailors. Eddie tries to change her mind about foreigners.

3. Half Boy ni Goyoujin (ハーフ・ボーイにご用心)
Shouko wishes she had been born male. Suddenly, Shou, a male version of herself, appears...

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