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Hajishirazu na Yoru

Collection of oneshots:

1) • Mikazuki no Kimi (You at the New Moon) -
Teruya has been in love with his teacher and local temple priest, Karou-sensei, since he was seven. But sensei just won't believe him! What will it take to get his attention?
- Bushido Angel Adventures

2) • Aisarete mo Inai (Not Loved) -
It's been twelve years since Detective Andou lost his leg in an accident saving punk kid Jurouta. Jurouta's cleaned up his act since then, but it hasn't diminished his guilt, or his feelings for Andou. But when teenager Takemura wanders into their lives, he upsets the delicate balance between the two men.

3) • Yawara Kana Onto (Gentle Warmth) -
A man with a fetish ...

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