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Aishiatteru Futari

"A respected teacher stumbles upon the corpse of his ex-lover whose handsome young friend suspects him of foul play. Two estranged childhood friends find each other in Tokyo and use their magical powers to fight mystical crime lords. And when an adorablebut slightly airheaded girl is abducted, she returns as a whole new woman!"--

(Source: Blu Manga)

1. Yurusarenai Otoko (許されない男)
2. Aishiatteru Futari (愛しあってる2人)

3-4. Seigi no Mikata no Koi no Yukue (正義の味方の恋の行方 | Love & Battle)
Seigo, who grew up in a village, moved to Tokyo to find a job and to fight crime (apparently he has some strange superpowers), since not much happens in his village. One day his childhood friend ...

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