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Mind Game

On top of being bad at studying, Misato, a grade 9 student, has bad luck with her love life as well. This is a story about this girl’s fresh first love.

Volume 2 also contains two side stories. They are:

• Kokoro ni Sotto Sasayaite (Whipering Softly in My Heart)
"Suzuna is the basketball manager and an ordinary high school girl. But you wouldn’t guess at it because she’s short and has a cute baby face like an elementary student. Which doesn’t sound so bad until she hears that her crush, Yuuji-senpai, only looks at her as a little sister because of her cute appearance. How will she be able to make Yuuji-senpai look at her not as a sister?"

• Mahou wo Kakete (Cast Your Magic)
Natsumi is t...

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