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Kiss kara Hajimeyou

This is the 2nd book in Tomomi Nagae's "Pure Heart Selection" one-shot collections.

1. It Begins From a Kiss (Kiss Kara Hajimeyou)
Misuzu tells Narushima, whom she admires, that she is not a virgin. A delicate girl's mind is comically described.

2. Dreams of the Sleepness Nights (眠れない夜の夢, Nemurenai Yoru no Yume)
Yukimasu and Izumi decided to live together but their apartment is too small to fit in with all Izumi's stuffs especially Izumi's big teddy bear. But Izumi couldn't sleep without hugging her big teddy bear. Yukimasu tried to convenience Izumi instead of hugging teddy bear why not hug him. Would that work for Izumi?