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Gunjou Gakusha

A recollection of short independent stories, taking place either in Japan or in an occidental country, either in the modern time or in the past, these short stories are themed about the expression of feelings. A city romance, a walk in the forest, the day-by-day life of a waitress in a bar or a medieval story, full of everyday-life details, feeling sometimes romantic or nostalgic...

Volume 1:
1. Ikai no Mado (異界の窓, Tale of tail/Window to the spirit world)
2. Toriko no Hime (とりこの姫, Princess prisoner)
3. Sensei, Boku wa (先生、僕は, Teacher and I)
4. Hana to Kishi (花と騎士, Flower's cavalier)
5. Pink chocolate (ピンク・チョコレート)
6. Mori e (森へ, Forest of wo...

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