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Subarashii Shitsuren

1) Subarashii Shitsuren (Marvelous Heartbreak)
Salaryman Naitou’s love life and work life are both going downhill. He sleeps with woman after woman, but none of them really does it for him. On top of that, he has a major crush on his boss, who only chides him for coming in late after his wild nights of unsatisfying sex and generally treats him as an errand boy. Then, one evening, a stranger accosts him at his apartment door.

2) Ore no Shachou Boku no Hisho (My boss, my secretary)
An inept president, an uptight secretary, a shady moneylender, and a fiscal crisis. Where will it lead?

3) Kairaku no Chi (Land of Pleasure)
A business trip to a tropical paradise is interrupted by an offbeat t...

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