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Fair Lady wa Namida wo Nagasu

This volume is a collection of older one-shots written by Akaishi Michiyo.

Fair Lady wa Namida wo Nagasu:
Takagi Sena walked by Sawaki Yoshitaka's new car and heard the car crying out that it was sad. Thinking nobody would believe her as always, she decided to walk away, but...??

W (Double) --Kage no nai Gogo -- :
Swimming star, Ichinomiya Mao, was involved in a terrible near-death accident at sea, which ended her swimming career. Ever since, her boyfriend, Ozaki Ryou, has been acting strangely, and now, someone that looks exactly like him has started hanging around. The only problem is, nobody else seems to notice!

Sono Hi wa Kinyoubi:
Sano Azumi's life was saved by a mysterious ...

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