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Kenichi Tantei Chou

"Chief Detective Kenichi" is a detective Manga in which boy detective Kenichi clears up a lot of mysteries and tricks, and settles cases. Kenichi is the chief detective of Boy Detectives' Street Society, which has 26 branches nationwide. Always with him is Donguri, a myna bird. Donguri can reproduce the voice of a person it hears only once more precisely than a tape recorder. It can also go to high or narrow places, and wins wild birds over to its side. It is a reliable "right-hand bird" for Kenichi.

Kenichi and Donguri first face a radioactive fish case at Mount Oharai, and next search for the cursed secret treasure of Gandhara in the hinterlands of India. They also confront the Showa Shinsen-gumi, which is figh...

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