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Gokusen Kanketsuhen

Gokusen Kanketsuhen is a collection special Gokusen chapters

1. Gokusen (ごくせん2008)
Kumiko has trouble with her new class of first years.

2-4. Gokusen Kanketsu-hen (ごくせん完結編)
Kumiko and Shin's relationship hasn't gone very far. Shin gets kidnapped by a daughter of another yakuza group with intrusions of making him her bride-groom. Shin's father informs Kumiko that although he respects her as a teacher, he does not want her to see Shin again. Then it only gets worse when the other former Shirokin try to rescue him before Kumiko gets there.

5. Gokusen Bangai-hen: Ucchi & Shiori Kyoufu no Ippaku Ryokou!! (ごくせん番外編 うっちー&詩織 恐怖の一泊旅行!!)
Chapter focusing on Ucchi and his girl...

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