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Note: This is the volume version of Himegoto which contains the franchise's serializations from Waai!, Waai! Mahalo, Comic Rex and Febri.

Hime Arikawa is a high-school boy with a huge debt, and he is saved by the girls of his school's student council after being chased down by yakuza debt collectors. The student council agrees to pay off his debt if he'll join the student council and spend his high-school life cross-dressing.

Vol. 1
1-9 Himegoto (Waai!)
1-4 Himegoto+ (Waai! Mahalo)

Vol. 2
10-14 Himegoto (Waai!)
5-7 Himegoto+ (Waai! Mahalo)
1-3 Himegoto (Rex)

Vol. 3
15-16 Himegoto (Waai!)
4-10 Himegoto (Rex) Read More