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Hajimete, Kanojo to

Hajimete, Kanojo to., by Morishima Akiko-sensei, takes a look back at the origins of some of our favorite couples from her previous works.

First we look back at Rakuen no Joken. For Sarina and Sumi we learn how they got together and why they’ve never really been a steady item. The series ends as Sarina realizes that Sumi moving in isn’t the life she wants, but travelling the world together with her is.

Shinobu and Lalaa have been living together for a while and Lalaa is inexpressibly happy. But, as she reminisces about how they got together, she misses, just a little, the crybaby Shinobu of her youth. We then move on to Sayaka and Ruri from Ruri-iro Yume. Sayaka’s dream has changed since we first met h...

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