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Kai, Sasu

A tumor shaped like a man’s face slowly moves across a woman’s body. The sea shoots glowing balls into the sky, much to the distress of beachgoers. And a girl dressed up for a holiday has no eyes, no nose, nothing—her face is a total blank.

Hirokatsu Kihara pens true stories of unsolved mysteries, stitched together with page after page of Junji Ito’s original illustrations in this collection of nine eerie tales and a bonus manga story.

(Source: VIZ)

1) Kao (顔)
2) Toshoshitsu (図書室)
3) Umi kara... (海から…)
4) O-Bon (お盆)
5) Engeki Happyoukai (演劇発表会)
6) Folk Dance (フォークダンス)
7) Shichigosan (七五三)
8) Yuki no Futta Hi (雪の降った日)
9) Kuchibiru (唇)
10) Natsu no Sotsugyou Ry...

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