I cannot say many anime have made me bawl like a child but I am proud to say this one has. Made In Abyss was an emotional ride for me. Filled with moments that made me smile and uplift my soul and dreadful truths that sunk my heart into temporary but shocking depression. I dont believe in the inane three episode rule because it is completely subjective. An arbitrary limiter put on a show is stupid and if you want to stick to a show until the 300th episode to see if it gets any good that is entirely your prerogative. However that rule is perfect for this show because the first three episodes work like an introduction to an epic and it is completely mesmerizing. It hooks you by showing you the world through the eyes of likable characters specifically Riko and Regu. Riko is a young girl who wants to venture out into a deep pit that means certain death accompanied by her robot friend Regu. Riko wants to travel deep into the abyss because of the possibility of meeting up with her Mother a proud white whistle and her natural curiosity that is deeply rooted in her genuine character. Regu curious about his origin he also delves into the abyss because he wants answers that only the deep dark pit can answer and their very adorable relationship will keep you invested. Even the supporting characters that we will not see much of like Nat and the rest of the kids are well written. Their motivations are clear and they have depth and that is all I can really ask for. The animation is top notch. It consistently reminds me of a Ghibli film. You are completely invested in the world because the artwork is great. From the landscapes that make up the city surrounding the abyss to the abyss itself it is beautiful. The sense of danger is imminent and I can greatly I appreciate that aspect. This review is sort of halfassed but I just needed to get my brief opinions out there. I give this a 5/5 because it did everything well. Made In Abyss in my eyes is a masterpiece.
93 /100
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