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Mi review will have ONE spoiler of episode 3, but even with this spoiler you can watch it perfectly. Actually some friends started watching the anime cause I told them this spoiler.... and they loved it, so read or not, your choice. I did choose to use that spoiler (wich I don't even consider an spoiler, but it is not told till episode 3) cause honestly, without it, the explanation would NOT be what Golden Time is about. Also on some sites (like MyAnimeList) they tell you about that spoiler too on the synopsis. So really, IMO, don't be afraid of reading this, I think it really helps to know what is the anime about, and the real reason to watch it.

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What makes this anime so good is the situation it tell us about.

Golden Time it's based on a Main character (Tada Banri) that got an accident and because of that he has amnesia. Because of the amnesia, he can't face his old friends/family, cause he think they will expect the old Tada Banri, so he starts a new life alone traveling to an university on Tokyo.
Everything is fine there, he even got a really nice girlfriend that he loves so much. BUT... he start to remember some things about his old self... he start to remember he loved another girl that is actually on the same university and they are friends now. So now he has a internal fight between his old feelings to that girl and his new feelings to his actual girlfriend.

This anime show you how cruel life can be... you have someone that you love so much, and he/she loves you so much too, then... he forget about you cause an accident. He forget the feelings and the bond you both chad... and u remember everything. It breaks my heart so much to imagine a tragedy like that, and the fact that it could really happen to any of us anytime, without warnings, without nothing... and that; is why Golden Time is so good.

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This is the best review I can give you about Golden Time, so I'll leave it like that and tell you a few extra thing to reach minimun amount of characters required for reviews on Anilist hahah So you don't really have to read more to be honest.

Art is good, is not outstanding but is is really good. Characters and plot are the real deal here and what makes this anime really special. The soundtrack... after years, I honestly don't remember/have any song/theme in particular, and I usually do have a lot of openings/endings/ost of animes I watch, so that means it is probably just ok, good on the anime but nothing really special. It definitely wasn't bad. The pacing is good, not too slow or too quick, and every episode is enjoyable.

90 /100
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