I want to say I dont like super heroes at all. Never saw any marvel movie never followed Spiderman or Batman etc. So it is really really impressive how much I like Boku no Hero. It has to be Japan. Those crazygenious japanese people can make anything to be the most epic shit ever so with super heroes they just have no limits. Welcome to the most epic anime ever done where everything Art style animation characters soundtrack.... is made to be EPIC. Boku no Hero tell us the story about Midoriya Izuku and how he will become the greatest hero ever. This animes world is used to super heroes and villains cause around 80 of the population have some especial power wich they call Quirks. Midoriya Izuku really admires heroes and has a really strong sense of justice his dream is to become the greatest hero ever like All Might the number 1 hero on the world who posses the quirk called One for All. Sadly Midoriya Izuku does NOT have a quirk so his dreams cannot be acomplished... or so he though. The story is full of epic moments the ost and awesome art style and animation help a lot to get that epicism. The pacing is a bit slow cause it is telling us the start of Midoriya Izuku development to become a real hero and cause there is a lot of different characters with different personalities and quirks so I think it is a necessary thing to get good character development. We will see season by season how Midoriya Izuku and the others grow up and get stronger till they become the new top heroes so things can only get better and better. To the day I write this they are airing 3rd season and things are just more and more epic and I can definitely say they are doing and awesome job so go watch it and dont miss this extremely epic adventure Boku no Hero is ALL ABOUT EPICISM.
90 /100
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