I finally did it. I finally fucking did it. I found my new worst anime. Thats right worse than Anoahana. Worse than Toradora. Worse than Sword For Truth Dark Cat. Worse than even Green Green CONCEPTION. Yes you heard me right WORSE than Conception. How is that possible? Ill fucking tell you right now. Story: 1/10 So the story of this piece of shit is supposed to be a series of game event shows. But that doesnt become apparent until halfway through the first episode. The first half of the first episode is almost nothing but filler with terrible structuring. We start off with blankslate male MC number 1 grabbing stupidly large breasts because this is an ecchi series it wouldnt be a stupid ecchi series without a boob grab now wouldnt it? Then we waste time in one location for like 3 or 4 minutes until we then cut to where the guy lives I guess. A bit of cooking later with a terrible eating scene full of bad loop jobs later we get to some absolutely trite scene about BSMC1s little sister character making a fuss about him not paying as much attention to her as much as he does redhaired girl with the gigantic boobs. The reason this is trite is because this scene does absolutely nothing to develop either character serves as nothing but padding for a runtime because the creators of this anime were so bad they couldnt even create a rushjob properly. Once the story actually gets to what its about the gameshowesque things it dissolves into nothing but the gameshow the characters partaking in disgusting activities. Theres also some rival character that shows up but hes complete underwritten trite that barely does anything to affect the plot. The series also tries really hard to be a hentai but either the creators didnt have the money were too fucking incompetent or too fucking stupid Characters:1/10 The characters in this show are absolutely atrocious in every sense of the word theyre nothing but 1dimensional stereotypes of every ecchi series out there in existence. These characters dont even have any good comedic dynamics to make up for the fact either because this series has nothing unintentionally or intentionally funny in it Art:1/10 Still frames bad backgrounds reused shots reused animation bad loop jobs no faces lack of details the animation of this series has everything in it that leads to bad animation art. I mentioned that the backgrounds were bad thats because they are. Theyre simple copypaste blurry so an unholy trinity of shit. Sound:1/10 The series actually has a similar problem that Dark Cat has in its English Dub an absolutely lacking sound design. There are moments in this anime where the sound is either nonexistent or so quiet that it may as well be muted because you can barely hear it. I will say thoughm this problem isnt as noticeable as it is in Dark Cat. The voice acting is atrocious but what do you expect? The VAs were a bunch of at the time noname amateurs with absolutely no investment in the roles whatsoever but I cant really blame them because putting effort into this would just be a waste of any talent they mightve had back when they were amateurs. Overall:1/10 What do I even say at this point? There is genuinely nothing positive you can say hear. If someone had a Gun pointed to my head told me I had to say something positive about eiken or they would take my life Id have to take the bullet quite honestly as I genuinely cannot say anything positive about this series remotely+. Anohana Toradora at least had effort put into them albeit not much Dark Cat has Jukokubo Sword For Truth is baffling Green Green has unintentional laughs Conception is so horrendously awful you give up way before you even hit episode 3. But this theres nothing here. It isnt good fapbait because the character designs are hideous theres no unintentional laughs to be had because the voice acting is well beyond the high point of when bad voice acting is entertaining has long since stooped into negative Yaxis territory. The characters are underwritten trite so you cant root for them you wont even get tits in this anime because it was too pussy to go full out hentai. Really I CANNOT say anything positive about this series because theres really nothing here. Even when you reach bottom of the barrel trying to find something you cant because even the bottom of the barrel is too good for this atrocious piece of humanity that shouldve been cancelled the second someone even conceived the idea. Final score is to nobodies surprise a 1/10. Until something else comes along this is the worst anime of all time how this shit is above Skelter + Heaven is beyond me because at least Skelter + Heaven only wastes 19 minutes of your life youll never get back. EDIT: after somebody bought this to my attention the 11 year old girl has the biggest breats out of all the girls in this series. Eiken is the asshole that keeps on shitting
10 /100
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