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I'm just an average everyday anti-social virgin who likes stupid shit and more.
Actually, that's about it.

Currently learning the Japanese lanuage. I know about 200+ words and basic partical syntax so far.

Banner is from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, profile picture is from Gintama

How I rate:

First and foremost, here is some information about me and rating things:

-List of things I will NOT watch:
-Picture drama specials
-Recaps (Except those which add new scenes or change the story somewhat)

-List of things I will NOT rate:
-TV, Specials, and OVA which do NOT produce 1 hour of content where each episode is > 10 minutes in length.
-Sequential movie series (e.g Kara no Kyoukai) or anything standalone with one episode that is NOT >= 40 minutes in length per episode
-TV Shorts where each episode is NOT >= 3 minutes long OR does NOT produce at least 30 minutes of content.
-Non-stand alone anime that do NOT complement the series it belongs to. (e.g Higurashi Kira)
-Recaps or alternatives (Only exception is the SAO recap)
-Dropped shows where I didn't watch 10+ episodes

Why do I do this? Simply because rating things with short amount of content per episodes deflate my average score since I will be more likely to rate them low in score. Also if something does not complement its source anime and I rate it low, that does not show an accurate representation of how I view the show.

-I don't rate currently watching anime until I have seen at least three episodes, but when I actually do decide to give it a rating is whenever I feel like it. I'll still only rate if it follows above though.

-If I am committed to a franchise/series, I will usually watch all of the things that could be considered worth watching, whether they are bad or not. If you look and see that a franchise i watched has a good portion of low scores, this is why. The combined scores across all rated anime will generally give an average for how I see the franchise.

-No I don't speed watch or duel watch anime anime. I will however, say that I don't always have my anime in fullscreen. (i.e I might sometimes be playing a game and watching anime at the same time)

-Additionally, I don't write/read reviews because essay long reviews are dumb and usually written by people who want higher status in their opinion over others rather than being a detailing of ones viewing for those who haven't watched the show yet. I just straight used ublock origin to hide them permanently.

I don't care if you like a show or don't like a show, I'll like what I like; simple as that.

10 - All time favorites - My favorite anime which I enjoyed the most, for whatever biased reasons I may have. These are the anime I would recommend most or rewatch first if I decided to do so instead of trying to watch a bunch of new things.

9 - Excellent - Anime I really enjoyed and liked that I generally feel overall happy watching these, and engaging enough that I can feel all the suspense that is to be had in it. I would absolutely recommend anime here, and if I had time to I wouldn't mind rewatching as well.

8 - Very good - Anime here are ones in which I thought the overall quality to more enjoyable and interesting to the point where I actively engage in watching it. These anime I will generally be more willing to talk about with others, and would recommend to people.

7 - Good - Anime I liked enough that I generally thought it was interesting and likable enough that I simply just liked it, but not something which is super amazing. The concept of 'good' however can depend on the type of anime it is. Anime I would recommend.

6 - Okay - Anime which I enjoyed watching, but I would not say were the most interesting. Simply put I'm glad I watched them, but I wouldn't extensively talk about them with other people. Anime I might recommend, but I would refer to these after a bunch of other anime.

5- Average - Middle point for rating. These are the anime in which I don't necessary feel it is good or bad at the same time, mostly because I either found it boring or confusing, but still something that could at least keep my attention enough to say that it isn't bad. These anime I might bring up, but I wouldn't recommend to watch unless it's an anime where I am biased as hell.

4 - Bad - Anime here are ones I don't like, some because it is really boring to the point I can't care, others because I don't like the writing of the story, but I wouldn't consider to be the worst anime to exist. Anime I wouldn't recommend.

3 - Very bad - Very much don't like. Whether it is the writing, the story, or whatever, I just simply don't like it, but I however do not think anime here are the worst ones to exist. I absolutely wouldn't recommend anime like this.

2 - Horrible - Simply bad, but bad along the side of not being able to comprehend why anyone could enjoy it. When watching these anime, I will not only be bored, but generally be frustrated watching it. I will tell people that they shouldn't watch anime here.

1- Why does this exist - Something which exists not to be bad, but to be offensive to not just anime, but any form of video in general.

Should also be said that for some shows my opinion differs between different parts of the show, in which case I usually leave notes saying how I thought of each part. Also anime I would recommend is assumed to be based to people who already watch anime, as if I were to recommend anime to someone who has never watched/watched few anime before I would completely filter what I would say, even if some of the shows I do leave out are very good.

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