Welcome Please enjoy your stay 820https://i.ur.com/OQ83oH1.gif Recent Reviews: 820https://i.ur.com/8BUjCgb.png https://anilist.co/review/14706 820https://i.ur.com/AkWDVCz.png https://anilist.co/review/14672 Anime Reviews: 820https://i.ur.com/OyLwlWU.png https://anilist.co/review/14126 820https://i.ur.com/tBm1cmh.png https://anilist.co/review/13885 820https://i.ur.com/RuqTn6s.png https://anilist.co/review/13867 820https://i.ur.com/NESdj70.png https://anilist.co/review/13810 820https://i.ur.com/r7lpaA3.png https://anilist.co/review/13761 Im new to Anilist before but I got used to when tracking anime. I have MAL account and I currently using it when it comes to updates and forums not really but when it comes to scores and tracking I prefer using this. Im sure the scores here are reliable than in MAL shit. When times that I cant take the toxicity of MAL community Ill go to Anilist and take a breather. Damn those filthy clowns. Im a hard core romance fan but I can enjoy other genres as well. Even I love romance animes theres a time when I get bored when watching it so I switch to another genres. I also love to listen to anime soundtracks or many soundtracks because it feels like Im the main protagonist on a story. I love to play piano too and listen to other covers in YouTube. I love to read mangas light novels and novels from Western countries so you can call me a bookworm. I love to play games as well in many consoles and smartphones. I love to write novels and stories and I can write a novel in 300500 pages of a book. Even I like watching anime I love to watch Japanese TV Dramas and Live Actions but if the story and acting is okay. I watch trailers of them in YouTube before I watch them. If youre angrily disagreeing on one of my reviews and being a braindead retard who cant accept opinions try to watch this video and calm your dumb mind: TED Talk: How Not To Take Things Personally? https://www..com/watch?v=LnJwHPZXnMt=254s If you call me any negative kind of words take a look at yourself on the mirror. Maybe youre one of them two because you only said it. Anyways you can add me as a friend if you want and Ill gladly accept them. I rank animes based of the following: Story Characters Atmosphere Sounds Performance Enjoyment. Favorite Japanese Composers: Jun Maeda Yukari Hashimoto Eufonius Yuki Kajiura Shinji Orito Randwimps Yanagi Nagi Hiroaki Tsutsumi Akito Matsuda Favorite singers and seiyuus Yui Horie Maaya Sakamoto Yukari Tamura Hiroshi Kamiya Jun Fukuyama Inoue Marina

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