480https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1039017035134402633/1083158997772816415/3x3.png Anime start = Summer 2013. Im in my 9th year of being an Anime fan. An achievement and a disappointment. : Updated since Mar 2023. Also on MyAnimeList https://myanimelist.net/profile/FestivalsOfComf Personal Ratings Scale Anime: 4 and below = The Dropzone because I found it to be boring and/or a waste of time. If I completed the entry I suffered through it for some reason lmao. 5 = Meh would never rewatch. 6 = Meh would only rewatch because of some reason. 7 = Good entertainment Enjoyed the ride. 8 = Great Entertainment Enjoyed the entry but it wasnt one of the best experiences personally. 9 = LOVED IT One of the best entertainment experiences 10 = POETIC FEELS The entertainment transcends to art to me. Its an artful experience that spoke to me in a poetic way. Whatever the aspect it was something hit a chord. Chills / emotional catharsis / lifechanging. Disclaimer because people start to love my taste and then dislike it. : My tastes in media including anime have substantially changed over the years thus theres no consistency in ratings sorry haha. Back in the day I rated Sword Art Online a 10. Nowadays Im not sure if that holds up anymore lol. Also youll notice a high standard deviation in score and thats because I choose anime that will entertain me. Over the years Ive been picky due to limited time in my day so I try to avoid bad shows on purpose. P.S. comparing anime entry scores between each other is not really the best idea. This is because each entry has provided a different unique experience and thus earn the score based on said experience.

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