I only started getting into anime/manga in March 2019, which happened to coincide with the time that I really got into watching movie reviews, which has led me to this point. I enjoy reading a lot more than watching since I can go at my own pace, and I love thinking about and telling others about the things I enjoy reading. So you'll probably be seeing my name in reviews across a wide variety of manga if I ever get to writing it all.

I like reading slice of life comedies and romcoms mostly, though I'm always down for anything good. I've read my fair share of dramas, shoujo romances, shounen actions, thrillers, adventure, horror and more. I try to read a lot of older and more popular works to get more acquainted with the medium, but I always find myself returning to my roots.

If anyone really cares about rating systems:
9-10: I think it's well written and I really enjoyed it
7-8: It's either well written or I really enjoyed it
4-6: It was just average, no harm no foul
1-3: I feel like I wasted my time

If you want to know about how I write my reviews, I generally keep the mindset of, "Why did I like it and why should others enjoy it?" So this means talking about major themes, character growth/chemistry or mood/vibe usually. It really just depends on the specific series. If you have any thoughts on the things I've made then let me know so I can get better as a reviewer.

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