I only started getting into anime/manga in March 2019 which happened to coincide with the time that I really got into watching movie reviews which has led me to this point. I enjoy reading a lot more than watching since I can go at my own pace and I love thinking about and telling others about the things I enjoy reading. So you might see a review here and there from me If anyone really cares about rating systems: The 10s place is for how much I personally liked something while the 1s place is for how good I objectively thought it was with 5 being average Anything 3 and below means that there was some level of regret associated with it. Ex: 96 means I really enjoyed it though I thought it was objectively pretty mediocre If you want to know about how I write my reviews I generally keep the mindset of Why did I like it and why should others enjoy it? So this means talking about major themes character growth/chemistry or mood/vibe usually. It really just depends on the specific series. If you have any thoughts on the things Ive made then let me know so I can get better as a reviewer.

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