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Table of Contents in This "Novel" that's been evolving since early 2014:
Part 1: My Foundation in Anime and The Community
Part 2: The Three Tenets
Part 3: Various Personal, Organization and Contact Information
Part 4: Current Rating System
Part 5: The Titles

Discord: Kurt Gyrozen#1572
Feel free to drop on by. I'll respond to things far more quickly and in far more detail here. If anything, I'd much prefer it.

My Foundation in Anime and The Community

I've been watching anime/reading manga (and LN)/playing VN since about 2003: it was actually my dad who got myself, my wife, and my best friend into anime via a few series he enjoyed, since he watched anime etc already. They're actually some of my favorite, or at least some of my most commonly indulged in hobbies/past time activities as of now. At this point, many consider me fairly adept in the medium's knowledge. However, I would still consider myself very inept in the mediums' lore and knowledge, though that grows exponentially by the day (it's getting there). I'm always looking for more and am always open to recommendations (which I tend to ask for a lot, just look at my to-watch/read list). Also completely open for conversation and asking for recommendations, though the time I take to respond may vary. (Trust me, I will get back to you sooner or later. Most likely the first)
I try to make my scores more subjective (when or IF I actually feel like getting to it), so pay attention to the favorites when wondering what I like. Then again- a lot of things I really like are just below making that favorites list.
I also try to be friendly and supportive whenever I can be. I enjoy debating, commenting, social experimentation and discussing things, so don't make one of these into an angry argument, that's not what I'm trying to do. Messaging for any kind of discussion is encouraged. If you follow me, I will definitely return the favor. My nature just happens to get me to take interest in those who have taken it in me.

The Three Tenets

I like anime (etc) of all types and have three rules:
1.) Never judge objectively or subjectively based in appearances, hype, or opinions/arguments of others beforehand; to understand an art is to experience it
2.) Just because something is your cup of tea, that doesn't mean it is someone else's and vice versa; don't be afraid to voice your ideas in a civil manner, but to belittle others is to disparage yourself
3.) Only watch/read something if you want to watch/read it: nobody else's opinions are of more merit in these regards than your own

Various Personal and Organization Information

I change the nature of my favorites frequently, and they are purely subjective. Favorites go as is the visual order. I modify my rating systems frequently as well, when I do use them. The amount I'll read/watch obviously fluctuates rapidly based on many factors as everyone knows. My interest will also sometimes only be focused on manga and the same can be said for anime, though most of the time, I can balance it out. Note that I also keep my wife's hentai list on my profile, since we usually watch it together. Speaking of which, I've organized both of my lists into my own "tags" for your convenience and mine.
I try to update every time I watch/read/modify an item, create a forum post or look something up. That's how active I'd like to be, so my activity level also fluctuates at the same rate in which I watch/read things. Note that I enjoy all genres as long as there is remotely any quality to a manga/anime.
I've been told on numerous occasions that I should start writing reviews (you see that happening?). Note that I'm not a real ultra-hardcore otaku or weeb or anything like that. I played American Football, Wrestled, and I now practice marksmanship, participate in HEMA, do archery etc. I love lifting and running as well. I also love drawing, history, politics, philosophy, literature, media, art and music. etc. Writing is the 2nd love of my life though, if you will.
I try to make engaging/interesting posts, as well as posts for games and a fair share of silly ones. The goal is to always try and connect with you guys and the community while I'm here.

Rating System

By the way, in case there is any confusion on these scores, they're generally the same as about anywhere. I've tried to fulfill more of a normal distribution bellcurve with my scores (relative scoring as opposed to scoring within a vacuum), which means they're accurate to what I want. Fully subjective, mind you - I know many people get uppity when they see their favorite anime get a 6, for example. It's not a measurement of you or your taste, just my personal thoughts on a given show.
General reflection (I think this fits most of my lists as of now, but I regularly reflect further on items to change if my thoughts on them have changed):
Would recommend most things to most people here:
10 - top tier and favorites
9 - fantastic
8 - great
Would recommend if it fit a niche or request someone had:
7 - above average/decent
6 - upper average/lacking in anything standout
5 - lower average/mediocre
Would not recommend unless I had a very strong suspicion that someone was looking for something very specific:
4 - below average/bad
3 - pretty bad (also default for dropped shows, though the scores of those can move up and down depending)
2 - awful
1 - among the worst I've seen/read or my most disliked

Les Titres:

Recruiting now! We need you!
Proud member of the Purple Profile Squad.

GYRODAVEALAID!!! (basically the terrible Power Rangers. Hopefully, the Black Ranger is here because we always need more JYB)
MyLifeIsAShoujoManga (3D and best waifu)
My other kids/siblings/colleagues:
My Landsknecht
My Fellow Sociopathic Weeb
My Highest Paying Patient
Sweet Insanity
Emperor of Lunaria
My Fellow Time Traveling Esper
My Art Vendor
My PoliSci and Econ Pupil
My First Mate
Best Dude
The Plague Doctor and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Kunt Nemula, The Horny Teen/The Dankster/The Lord of the Honkburg and The Foster Child. (the pen name)
I also have an Italian Mob..
My Lovely Kouhai.
My favorite imouto and my favorite otouto.
My other otouto
The imouto who jumps out of windows
The Twin of the Window Jumper imouto
The best Onii-chan
The Oldest Onii-chan
My kawaii potato.
My Star Actor
My Podcast "Boss"
My Editor

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