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Before you dive in
For me it doesn't matter if understand it or not. it doesn't matter if it highly acclaimed or not. it doesn't matter it has great quality or not. if i do not like it, i give it low ratings. i dont care about objectivity or quality my friend.

Explaining of rating system
1: I hate this with all my heart.
2: This is more of a category than actual rating. It is for everything I do not care about or anything i do not like that much.
3: ehhh idk. Not entirely sure of this work.
4: This is ok, it is alright. It is what it is you know.
5: hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not bad i guess.
6: yeah this is fun. I enjoyed this work.
7: Not bad at all! Nice work.
8: This is good.
9: Well this is very good. Happy about that.
10: K

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