Finding a series I want to finish is good; but finding a series that I don't want to finish is even better.

if you get what I mean


Sorry, I have a habit of thinking something is profound, but it just ends up sounding pretentious instead



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List usage explanation (sort of):

In general, I use "watching" for shows I plan to finish, "paused" for shows I either don't know if I want to finish or know I won't be watching for a long time and might possibly need to restart (a lot of it is just stuff I added when I joined AL since I wanted to mark that I had watched some of them), and "dropped" for things I have decided that I don't want to finish.

For favourites, I treat the series as a whole (the same is currently true of scoring); if there are multiple seasons only the first one gets selected, but it doesn't necessarily mean I liked it the best. They're not really in any kind of order, either. (I'm kind of being facetious with character favourites since I generally like at least one or two characters from anything I watch, so I wouldn't know where to begin.)

...In case anyone cares. I know my list pages are probably confusing for people who aren't me, but I don't feel like explaining myself any further :3

Scoring system (work in progress)

The way I think about this is based in the 5 point system, but with extra divisions for further differentiation, resulting in 10 points (then +0.5 if I want to further place something at the top of its group, because apparently I don't know when to stop). I originally couldn't decide if I wanted to use the 10 (it feels different to a 5), but to paraphrase someone on the internet "what's the point of having the 10 if you never use it", so... the scale is based on what I've experienced (best and worst), rather than the idea of unattainable "perfection". It's also based purely on my own enjoyment and gut reaction, because I really don't know anything about how to analyse a story :)

5★ - 大好き (special things)
- upper (10) - favourites
- lower (9) - runners-up

4★ - 好き (enjoyed)
- upper (8) - default for "I enjoyed this" (the bulk of things I finish will probably end up here)
- lower (7) - something felt like it was missing or got in the way, but it was overall still enjoyable

[↓↓ under construction - more data needed ↓↓]

3★ - questionable
- upper (6) - a bit of a mess, but still entertaining e.g. Ibara no Ou
/ mixed feelings e.g. Seikaisuru Kado, Elfen Lied?
- lower (5) - toeing the line between interesting and boring e.g. that Irodzuku thing

Things below here probably wouldn't get finished anyway...

2★ - meh
- upper (4) - Chain Chronicles?
- lower (3) - boring e.g. Beatless

1★ - disliked
- upper (2) - some things were good, but the overall impression was negative e.g. Citrus, possibly Tokyo Ghoul √A
- lower (1) - irredeemable e.g. Berserk 2016


7 - 10 = enjoyed | 5 - 6 = mixed | 1 - 4 = disliked


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Kill la Kill
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One Punch Man
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Mob Psycho 100
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Natsume Yuujinchou
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Shoujo Kakumei Utena
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Haibane Renmei
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Zetsuen no Tempest
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Chihayafuru 2
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