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Sakurako Amamiya (Psyren)

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I am Kex. Nice to meet you.

I have been on this site ever since 2018. 03. 11.

I love anime, obviously. I watch whatever as long as it's something I enjoy. As soon as I stop enjoying that something, I either drop or pause. If I drop something it means it won't be picked up again. If I pause them, it means there is a chance that I'll pick it up again.

The genres I have watched most of are Comedy, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance and Action. Though I don't really watch anime now. However, I read. A lot. All kinds of things that catch my eye. A lot of yuri, some isekai, action, I can list a lot more but I'm lazy.

I like meeting people, though I'm kinda antisocial. Contradictory, I know. Feel free to add me on Discord: Kex#0314

About me  

(Unprofessionalism warning.)

I'm a 17 year old guy who lives in Hungary. I can't really say anything about myself, about the fact that I am a deredere. A huge deredere. But, like with most deredere people, if something is sad, it's really sad. But that's not really the point here. I love music, I listen to it every single day. I listen to everything. Whatever makes my ear pleased, I listen to it. I also like to do graphics work, as you can see by my profile. I am a programmer too by the way. Well, studying to become one. I like to do web development mainly as that's the most comfortable for me. I do know C# though.

History with the anime community

(Long text warning.)

My first anime was Charlotte, which I really enjoyed. It encouraged me to watch even more. I discovered a playthrough of School Days, and found it somewhat interesting, so I went and watched some of the anime. It was the most dissappointing shit ever. I don't know whether it was the second or third or whatever number it was, but it certainly discouraged me to watch even more. Then, I discovered K-ON. It literally gave me life. It's in my all-time favorites. Shortly after, I discovered AniList and registered, which was the best decision that I haven't really regretted ever since. I joined an anime community. That I have been lurking in for months. I started posting a long time after I registered, and short after I started posting, I had the idea of making daily posts. I did that for something like 240 something days. I had enough of it after that much so I stopped. I am now posting what I want to post. I've found a lot of good friends and a ton of interesting people here, which is another reason to love this site. A lot.

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