« It takes a lot of chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star !! » ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

Ƭнιѕ ρяσƒιℓє Ɯιℓℓ Ƈσηтαιη ƒυƇкιηƓ ℓαηƓυαƓє
αη∂ мαу єνєη Ƈσηтαιη ƓяαρнιƇ νισℓєηƇє
тσωαя∂ѕ αηу кιη∂ σƒ ƒяєαкιηƓ Ƈяєαтυяєѕᵎ

⌾⃝ Hey, what's up?! I'm an hyperactif, ocd, borderline, solipsist, programmer (game designer) and web dev!! (A fire-dancer too ^^)

I'm kind of terrible maintaining friendships and talking on a regular basis, but yeah, we can try... Let's be friends! Somehow!


I will post some short but concise reviews in french (why not ^^), now and then !!! (as well as some Non Asian Recommendations)

Available Non Asian Recommendations (eng):
René Laloux -- Valérian & Laureline -- Soul Music & Wyrd Sisters -- Wakfu -- Æon Flux -- Technotise: Edit & I -- Dead Space: Downfall.

Other Available stuff (eng):
RailDex series watching order -- Monogatari series watching order.
The women behind Ghibli !
Book: Manga! Manga! & The Anime Encyclopedia!.

Available Review (fr):
Noein: To Your Other Self -- Steins;Gate -- Speed Grapher -- Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt -- SCHOOL-LIVE! -- Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW -- Iblard Jikan -- My Little Monster -- Michiko & Hatchin -- Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 -- FLCL -- Afro Samuraï -- Paranoia Agent -- Gangsta !!


˚.Note about Score.˚ I'm not a fan of that kind of shit as it's obviously a personal matter, I do not guarantee there would be a lot of rated stuff in my list... And I will not rate manga at all !!
I'm slowly building lists on TraktTV and GoodReads aswell !!

«When you discuss real world physics in anime, a neiko-girl dies!»
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