It takes a lot of chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star Nietzsche. 60 50 60 50 60 Hey whats up? Im an hyperactif ocd borderline solipsist game designer and web dev Im kind of terrible maintaining friendships and talking on a regular basis but yeah we can try... Lets be friends Somehow But I will not thank you for following and it would be nice to not polluted my profile with your thanks for the follow bullcrap I will post some short but concise reviews in french why not now and then as well as some Non Asian Recommendations no time to do that anymore.... about Score. Im not a fan of that kind of shit as its obviously a personal matter I do not guarantee there would be a lot of rated stuff in my list... Im slowly building lists on TraktTV and GoodReads aswell When you discuss real world physics in anime a neikogirl dies I use a custom version of hohs script Automail and a home made Theme Tools: AniChart LiveChart AniMouto Basic Advanced Markdown Submission
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