Razovy ・ ラゾビ

Naast dat ik een fervent manga-lezer ben vind ik het ook erg leuk om manga van het Japans naar het Nederlands te vertalen (en af en toe van het Japans naar het Engels als er vraag naar is). Je kunt mij op deze website vinden.

Besides reading a lot of manga I'm also into translating manga from Japanese to Dutch and Japanese to English. If you're interested in my translations then please visit this website.

"So why the name Razovy? Are you Russian or something?". Well to get that out of the way: nope, I'm Dutch XD As a kid my World of Warcraft username used to be Razovy, so this name is rather nostalgic to me. Moreover, I just really like my online name, Razovy, which I think is more than enough :D

"Wait, so you're Dutch but you speak Japanese as well?". Yup. Been studying Japanese for 4 and a half years now. I'm far from fluent but I'm doing the best I can.

What kind of anime / Manga do you like? ・ どんなアニメと漫画が好き?

  • Yuri / Shoujo Ai

  • Comedy

  • Slice of Life

  • Psychological

What is your favorite TV series? ・ どんなテレビ番組が一番好きですか。

First Anime ・ 最初のアニメ

First Manga ・ 最初の漫画

Favorite OP

  • Nothing's Carved in Stone - Out of Control [Psycho Pass]

Favorite ED

Favorite OST

  • Yuuki Takada - Continue...? [New Game]

Personality type: [INTP-T] (Logician)

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