Hello curious one, for years this page has remained blank but i decided to write a bit on it for a change.

I'll probably start writing reviews of shows as i see fit, i've been out of the loop when it comes to anime due to certain circumstances since mid 2014 so i have a lot of catching up to do (not to mention my already massive to-watch list which is prone to just grow).

I imported most of the contents of this list from MAL back when this site was just starting out, many of the scores were added by the 14-15 years old me back in the day, and if i were to rewatch many of the items i would probably give them half the score they have today, but that's mostly because it was a new thing for me back then and now some of these shows are so repetitive and i have already seen so many like it i can just predict it.

Still, i try to keep the 80+ points area as clean as possible so most of what you will find there i would certainly recommend, ask me about it even, i will gladly give you reason why you should watch it.

Ask me anything really, i like to think i'm friendly so there is a good chance i may be.

PS: in my country "Aníme" (strong I ) = expanded polypropylene. Quite annoying, still, i find it amusing.