Semi-retired dilettante who enjoys him some Japanese entertainment. I primarily enjoy fantasy and science fiction anime and manga. I also enjoy ridiculous slice of life anime for some bizarre reason. Guilty pleasure is some of the major shounen anime, the cheesier the better. I have a soft spot for the un-ironically heroic, no matter its form.

I'm of the questionable opinion that If you aren't approaching life with the zeal and optimism of a shounen protagonist, you're doing something wrong.

I occasionally write opinions on shows that I find amazing or questionable. They shouldn't be taken too seriously. I was probably drinking a lot of Sapporo Classic when I wrote it.

Settling down in sleepy northern Japan for the medium to long term for consulting work and delicious grilled meats and miso ramen. For those curious, yes Japan is a good place to live and travel for well adjusted folks. It's also not a real life anime, sorry to disappoint. It's still fun and interesting regardless.

My anime watched tracking doesn't list everything I've ever watched or read as I've only started actually recording what I've watched a couple years ago. I've gone through anime watching cycles for 20-25 odd years and recognize quite a few shows and what's changed for good and bad over the years with Japanese entertainment culture. Trying to put some order to the chaos lately as I'm watching and rewatching things and seeing what is currently being recommended.

Feel free to say hi and drop a recommendation. Glad to hear new fun things to watch and meet fellow wanderers.

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