6 Video Games To Play if You Only Have a Few Minutes Sometimes you want to play a video game but you dont always have hours of free time to immerse yourself in a huge rich world. You may only have about ten to twenty minutes before you have to get back to work or make an appointment but would still like a game to occupy that time and leave you satisfied. If this applies to you check out this list of six games that can give you plenty of entertainment even in short sessions. 1. Fortnite This famous online multiplayer shooter allows for quick and simple matches if you have a stable internet connection. Most of the games on this list can be enjoyed offline however Fortnite is a good option for those looking for online matches against other players worldwide. You can play on PC consoles or mobile devices. If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Programhttps://acp.genmobile.com/ you will be able to get a discount on mobile service for your phones. Fortnites fastpaced battle royale matches throw you right into the action making it fun and easy to get in a short play session. 2. Tetris The bestselling game of all time https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/10bestsellingvideogamefranchisesofalltimetetriscallofdutysupermarioandmore1031273798 has been entertaining players of all kinds for decades and for good reason. The iconic puzzle game makes for simple play sessions that can help you pass the time while also keeping you engaged. Tetris has been ported to just about every device from consoles to mobile phones making it accessible no matter where you are. If you want to have fun for a few minutes starting a game of Tetris is always reliable. 3. Hades The roguelike genre is perfect for short play sessions that still make you feel like you have accomplished something. Hades is an awardwinning roguelike based on Greek mythology. As typical for the genre each session leads you to a randomized level layout that changes every time you play. The fastpaced hack and slash gameplay will challenge you but each time you play you will progress further as you better master the controls. If you have a few minutes to spare you can delve into the underworld for a quick rush. If your session is particularly successful and you need to take a break certain platforms like Xbox and Nintendo Switch allow you to suspend your gameplay and pick back up where you left off. 4. The Sims 4 This iteration of the classic life simulation game can involve you either in multihour play sessions or brief fiveminute chunks depending on how you play. The Sims series offers a variety of play styles whether you want to design the perfect house or play through a familys daily life. Regardless of your preferred method of gameplay you can always jump into a quick session to get your fix. 5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Another life simulation game Nintendos Animal Crossing series stands apart from others by how it runs on real time. This means that the ingame clock is the same as the time in real life meaning the game is ideal for checking in daily to see how your islands inhabitants are doing or to see what ingame items are on sale. If you have a few minutes to spare check in on your island and see whats new as there is something different to see every day. 6. PacMan: Championship Edition DX PacMan: Championship Edition DX is a unique iteration of the arcade classic. This version takes the familiar score attack gameplay structure of the original while making the experience far more exhilarating and fastpaced. The four ghost enemies of the original arcade game now number in the dozens with the goal being to chain the most together for the highest possible score. You can set rounds to have a time limit for as short as five minutes which makes for a quick and exciting burst of fun when you only have a short amount of time to play. If you want a different and thrilling spin on addictive classic arcade gameplay this is the game for you. Life can be busy so you might not always have time to get immersed in epic 100hour game experiences. However there is no shortage of games that provide you with quick bitesized amounts of fun if you need to occupy a handful of minutes. With this list you will still have ways of having fun without sacrificing too much of your day. Just keep an eye on the clock and make sure you dont get too absorbed in these addictive and fun games.