Pardon the mess of a profile I have; it is a constant work in progress as all good things should be.

I will watch anything that has cute girls, yuri, and/or incest. Not a huge fan of action, horror and gore. So SoL, CGDCT and harems are my general preferred genres with comedy, drama and ecchi being par for the course. I will watch an occasional good action show however, usually in a fantasy setting with magic and the like.

I don't watch anything I won't like (with the rare exception of something catching my eye seasonally and disappointing me) so my drop list is fairly small but a strong selection of things I really do not care for. You may notice some items in the "dropped" list that surprise you with me never seeing any of them; they were most likely pre-drops cause I know I won't watch them and people always ask about those series anyways.

To give you an idea of how it all started my first anime I watched on my own accord was "Cat Planet Cuties". Then came "SAO", "High School DxD","Shakugan No Shana", then a bunch I forget. I do remember vividly watching "KissxSis" then "Yosuga No Sora" (in that specific order and back to back; around the 50th anime mark) and realizing that I had transcended and there was no turning back. So here we are over 200+ shows later - full blown degenerate with over a dozen figurines, wall scrolls and blasting anime OP/EDs trying to sing along with them. My parents are proud and confused.

Generally speaking anything on my list is watched subbed (as of Summer 2019) unless its in the "dubbed" list. I have a special "subbed" list for shows I have watched both subbed and dubbed or that I felt deserve to be watched subbed over dubbed.

Currently at time of writing this my list is using a 10 point decimal scale. This is horrible as I rarely put anything below a 6, let alone a 5. So in the future I will be rebalancing everything here to a 5 point or 3 star system - not sure which yet. Its gonna be a lot of work so I'm procrastinating that right now.

I am a seasonal watcher (with rewatches from r/anime being my main source of older shows or ones that I missed) and try my best to give honest (usually horribly written reviews - yes English is my native language and no I will not try to get better at writing, sorry not sorry) of shows I have seen. I will occasionally also give my thoughts via the feed (with no spoilers) right after watching an episode.

If I am in your AMQ game I am sorry in advanced, my horrible taste will curse the game.

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