880https://i.ur.com/WtOLPTk.jpg My name is planet Jane. Lowercase p capital J. I really like Makima from Chainsaw Man. She/Her I run an anime blog called Magic Planet Anime. Its pretty great.https://magicplanetanime.design.blog/ I also blog on Tumblr in a less formal way.https://www.tumblr.com/blog/yurisorcerer Sometimes I repost those posts here as well but I dont always remember to do so. Grading Rubric for anime and manga if youre curious: 1: Terrible. An exceptionally bad work in its own right and also one that offended my sensibilities whether moral artistic or both. Either a work with no redeeming qualities whatsoever or one that I consider a kind of symbol for some sort of systemic issue. A 1/10 must in a sense be exceptional. Examples: Pride of Orange Magical Girl Spec. Ops. Asuka. 2: Awful. Not quite as poor as a 1 but still very much not something Id think most people would want to watch or read. Just being dull will not usually pull something down to a 2 it must also have some particular rancidity or some pretense of Saying Something as well. Examples: Speed Grapher Love Flops. 3: Bad. Outright bad but I can at least imagine someone else liking it if theyre able to overlook more of its flaws than I can. Examples: Vividred Operation BloodC. 4: Subpar. Tedious or flawed in an ordinary sort of way. Just enough so that I actively regret spending my time engaging with the work. Examples: Sabikui Bisco Happiness Charge Pretty Cure. 5: SoSo. Either a work that is extremely Just Okay or something with a lot of ups and downs that roughly even out. Either way not bad enough that I regret engaging with it. So bad its good shows can also end up here. Examples: The God of High School The Detective is Already Dead Big Order most manga adaptations of animefirst anime. 6: Decent. Perhaps even good but didnt necessarily hit many personal buttons so not quite good to me. Things that were good until they had a bum ending or which are held back by some similar glaring flaw also tend to end up here. Examples: Love Live Superstar Granbelm Lycoris Recoil. 7: Solid. Perhaps the most ephemeral number. Good but perhaps missing something maybe even just a personal connection good but not as ambitious as Id like it to be work that could be great if it were not held back by a few glaring flaws solid genre fare decent adaptations of similarlysolid source material work you want to like more but just cant quite get there. All of these are 7s. Examples: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Hells Paradise Code Geass Spy x Family Magia Record the list goes on. 8: Good. Interesting stories told well with perhaps a few problems or traditional stories told exceptionally well. Examples: Earth Maiden Arjuna Fate/Zero Angel Beats Kaguyasama: Love is War 9: Great. Essentially a more innovative or interesting 8. A great story delivered in gripping or novel fashion or if a more traditional story one that stands on par with other high watermarks for its genre. Examples: Revue Starlight Kinos Journey Revolutionary Girl Utena Emanon the Wanderer Spirit Circle. 10: Fantastic. Functionally either an 8 or 9 or much more rarely a 7 that impacted me personally in some way giving it an edge over other stories that might ostensibly be of similar quality. Generally I only give something a 10 if Ive experienced it more than once but there are a handful of exceptions. Examples: A Place Further Than The Universe Serial Experiments Lain xxxHOLiC Record of Yokohama Shopping Trip. Obviously all of this is to be understood in the context of it being strictly my own opinions. But then thats true of everyone. Most but not all of my examples are anime. My manga list is woefully incomplete by comparison. Just a reminder: I reply to polite comments left on my profile or under my posts about relevant topics anime manga my reviews of such etc. I am not here to debate you on anything or whathaveyou. Be civil to me and I will be civil to you.

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