Names JaneMichelle I am the raging transgender queen of the universe. Im a 20something from Pennsylvania living in Chicago. At heart Im just a gay girl who loves cartoons. Im a freelance animation writer which is a fancy way of saying I talk way way too much about anime but sometimes I get paid for it. I try to look at the medium seriously while also always emphasizing the joy of watching and the personal element of connection. As for this place Im pretty sociable but I am fairly selective about who I actually follow and will block and not feel bad about it mind you for pretty much any kind of sketchy or unpleasant behavior. Im here to hang out and write reviews not get into arguments yknow? I stan cool magical girls unrepentantly Jane Around The Internet Anilist Thats this site if youre somehow not aware. I review a good chunk of what I watch and have a decently large list. Short comments in response to my reviews are fine but please do not DM me excessively long ones. Recommendation comments however are always welcome. My thoughts on things I complete but dont write full reviews on can generally be found on my list hover over the little speech balloon icon. The Geek Girl Authority Im the primary anime columnist for the site. My articles generally go up on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Twitter You know the bird website? My general social media presence you can follow me there if you want. You should tell me you came from here though if you want me to know who you are. If youre so inclined if you find yourself appreciating/enjoying my work here or anywhere around the internet you can make a donation to me at my link or on Kofi Donations are never expected but are always appreciated. Scores are calibrated with 5 as an approximate average though note I dont actually finish most things that would score a 5 or below. Personal AOTY by year for all years since 1998 where I have at least one show I like enough to make a confident pick. Not meant to be authoritative: 1998: Serial Experiments Lain 1999: n/a 2000: FLCL 2001: n/a 2002: Azumanga Daioh 2003: Kinos Journey 2004: Aim For The Top 2 Diebuster 2005: Kamichu 2006: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2007: n/a 2008: Kaiba 2009: Bakemonogatari 2010: Angel Beats 2011: Nichijou 2012: Black Rock Shooter 2013: Monogatari Second Season 2014: Kill la Kill 2015: PUNCH LINE 2016: Flip Flappers 2017: Girls Last Tour 2018: A Place Further Than The Universe 2019: Symphogear XV COOL NATU ABIDES 220 Badges Epilepsy Warning

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