Name's Jane-Michelle, I am the raging transgender queen of the universe.

I'm a 20something from Pennsylvania living in Chicago. At heart, I'm just a gay girl who digs cartoons.

I'm a freelance animation critic, which is a fancy way of saying I talk way, way too much about anime, but sometimes I get paid for it. I try to look at the medium seriously while also always emphasizing the joy of watching. My favorite sorts of anime tend to be those that brighten the world a little bit, or those that prompt interesting food for thought. I'm a bit of an obsessive about metanarrative, too. Of course, I do also love the occasional show that's just kind of dumb, but who doesn't?

I'm the primary anime columnist for The Geek Girl Authoriy, a general nerd interest website that covers a variety of topics. My writer tag for the site can be found here. My columns go up on most Tuesdays.

I review things here pretty often. Short comments in response to my reviews are fine but please do not DM me excessively long comments without prompting. I am always happy to receive recommendations, or just to talk in a general sense, however.

If you're so inclined, if you find yourself appreciating/enjoying my work here (or anywhere around the internet), you can make a donation to me at my link ( or on Ko-fi ( Donations are never expected, but are always appreciated.

Personal AOTY by year for all years since 1998 where I have at least one show I like enough to make a confident pick. Not meant to be authoritative:

1998: Serial Experiments Lain
1999: n/a
2000: FLCL
2001: n/a
2002: Azumanga Daioh!
2003: Kino's Journey
2004: Aim For The Top 2! Diebuster
2005: Kamichu!
2006: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
2007: n/a
2008: Kaiba
2009: Bakemonogatari
2010: Angel Beats!
2011: Nichijou
2012: Black Rock Shooter
2013: Monogatari Second Season
2014: Kill la Kill
2016: Flip Flappers
2017: Girls' Last Tour
2018: A Place Further Than The Universe
2019: Symphogear XV


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