⭐️ PSA ⭐️

You might have noticed that the Anilist website can't handle most emoji. Try posting a thinking face, for example, and you'll see that it (and any text that follows) gets "cut off" when you post.

This is because the majority of emoji aren't in the Basic Multilingual Plane (i.e. have a U+nnnn value with more than 4 hex digits). However, a few of them do work, so I've listed them here for ease of reference:


Hopefully someone will find this information useful. ☺️


That's super helpful, thank you!

Also for anyone else reading, any unicode characters works, which includes a few emoji, like you can type ♥ to get ♥ and stuff.

Which isn't a lot but I use hearts a lot so ;) yay


@oliviamrow I did actually try to use 🤔 as a way to get the Thinking Face emoji to work because it is objectively the best one. Alas, it didn't work. ☹️

* For anyone who doesn't know, these &abc; things are called Character Entity References.


@GoBusto Mmm, maybe limited to UTF-8 then? :\


@oliviamrow I think only the "named" character entity references will work - so © becomes © but F stays as &# 70;


UPDATE: Whilst "literal" non-BMP emoji are still problematic, &#x?????-style emoji now work just fine.