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Recommend anime that I definitely should watch
So I am searching for anime that I should have watched as an anime fan but still haven't . Which one should I watch and why?
[GAME] Shiritori っゝω・)っ~☆
"I'm sure most of you are familiar with the word game, Shiritori, or at least its Western versions. A player starts out by saying a word, and the next person down the line has to say another word that begins with the last letter/syllable of the previous word." EXMPLE Player 1: Trip Player 2: Pastry Player 3: Yen So on and so forth 220 ok that's all pls dont let this flop I'll start, Pinkっゝω・っ~☆
Question regarding the title ordering in "Staff Roles" pages
Before the site redesign I seem to remember these sections being ordered chronologically. It proved really helpful with showing us a timeline of staff member's media involvements from beginning to current. as a random example, this just seems randomly scattered around?
AniList Site Update - May 2018 - Feedback Here!
After almost a year's work on our new Api and a few months in beta the new AniList is here Completely rebuilt from the ground up : We didn't have time to fix all the issues brought in the beta but will continue to work on them and new new issues going forward. A few things to mention: Make sure to disable Kuwabara's dark stylish theme as it causes some issues on the new site. You can enable the native dark theme in the footer. Favorites on user profiles are now limited to 25 per section on the profile overview page. But you can still view them all and reorder them in the favorites subpage. Browser Support As we're making use of some newer web technologies some older browsers are no longer supported, so make sure to update your browser to the following versions or above: Chrome 58+ Firefox 54+ MS Edge 41+ Safari 10.1+ iOS Safari 10.3+ Visual list customization In this update we've decided to take a step back on visual list customization options, that being for both the list theme editor, and custom CSS support in the legacy lists. We're instead deciding to concentrate on making the default lists as good as they can be and as featurerich as possible. Once we feel we've reached that stage, we'll reevaluate the demand for more visual customization options and put the time and effort into them that they deserve. We aren't completely removing all visual list customization options with this update however, just bringing them back to their basics and streamlining the options, we currently have 3 themes to choose from and a profile color option which also affects your lists. Theme Editor 60% of active users are on the default lists with no visual customizations made at all, with a further 30% having made minor changes such as picking a theme or changing the background. That leaves only 10% of active users who made full use of the theme editor. This tells us 2 things, first that the large majority of users are happy with the default lists with some minor customization , and second that our theme editor probably wasn't easy enough to make full use out of. We want to make sure the default lists are the best they can be as thats what the majority of users will be using, and its clear that if we want to make all of those extra options available and actually useful, we need to spend more time on them to get them right. Legacy Lists & Custom CSS Legacy lists are now only used by less than 2% of active users, and as they have a host of issues, such as lacking almost any mobile support, opening up security issues, causing an inconstant user experience, and being next to impossible for us as the site's developers to change or improve upon, we've decided to end support for legacy lists with this update. I hope you like the update, obviously we've still got work to do so if you're not a fan of some of the changes feel free to comment below and we'll work on getting them sorted. Please post any bugs or issues here.
[Spoilers] Amanchu Episode 11 [Discussion]
I never doubt that Kokoro is a boy but its understandable why everyone treats her as a girl. Though nobody really question his behavior on wanting to be a guy I don't really ship Kokoro and Pikari because his far from being a guy, he shall wait until he grows up.
What series hooked you on anime/manga?
I started off with Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion, oddly it wasn't until I started watching Card Captor Sakura that I knew I had found something I loved. For manga, a girl I liked got me into Rave Master/Groove Adventure Rave and I went from there. What about you guys and girls? What series got you hooked?
I need an anime with dark humor
Can anyone recommend me an anime like ATHF? That show is part of my childhood and I'd like to see if there's an anime like ATHF. Also, as a bonus, can anyone recommend me an anime like South Park? Thanks EDIT: Basically, what I want is an anime with dark humor. I must've caused confusion here, so I cleared up the title. Apologies.
Italiani su Anilist
Un gruppo per italiani su Anilist
Looking for crime-related anime.
I am looking for any anime following people that commit crimes. I'm currently watching Baccano I have already seen: ^ Not really sure if this works but including it. I have currently paused: And I plan to watch: ^ Also not sure but I think it does
Anime ABC
It's the ABC game but with anime titles Reply with an anime title that starts with the next letter from the alphabet. Boh Japanese and English titles work. Example: A Another B Bungou Stray Dogs C Claymore When Z is reached, the game restarts again from A. Start: Attack on Titan
Bad Anime Summaries?!
I recently put together a list of anime to watch for a nonweeb friend but for the summaries, I did them a little different from your normal ones. For example, A Silent Voice: Deaf girl throws gang signs. This gave me an idea for this thread. Post your best worst anime summary and have others try and guess it Please keep guesses as replies and new anime to guesses as a new post. Here's 2 from me: Spoilt princess's dad gets shanked by cousin lol. Space dude lands on Earth, finds out global warming is real. Have fun and let the games begin
How many episodes in Attack on titan 3?
Hi. Sorry for asking a simple question like that but, how much episodes the season 3 will have ? I expect 24. :fingerscrossed: Tanks :
Problem with Anilist using Windows Phone
Simple, the first days I could see the page and interact, but for a week now, I think... when entering any link related to Anilist in the mobile's browser, only a blank screen appears
Pick a favorite anime from the previous user's Plan to Watch list
Look at the previous user's Plan to Watch list, pick a favorite anime from it, and tell a bit about what you liked about it. If it's hard to pick a very favorite, don't worry about that, and just pick one of your favorites. To keep this game from stalling, make sure you have a wellpopulated Plan to Watch list before participating. Here's an additional proviso to keep this game from stalling. If you haven't seen any anime on the previous user's list, and at least a couple days have passed, you may pick one that looks interesting and explain what interests you about it. When you do, please be clear that's what you're doing. To prevent comments from nesting too much, always reply to the post instead of to an individual comment when you are giving a recommendation to the previous user.
Which games/series are your favorites?
I would really love to hear which games/series are your favorites and why. My personal favorite would be the Simulation/Tactical Shooter, S.W.A.T 4, and with Ready Or Not nearly here, I really hope that they will be able to replicate the mechanics in the game and make you feel that every death matters, be it suspects or civilians. Let's see your taste in Video Games
Can't reset about section of profile
There is no way to get rid of the about section once you have imputed data, if you remove text and return to the placeholder there is no option to update.
Favorites Already Selected?
Has anybody here searched for something/somebody to add to their favorites and find that it/they are already in 'favorites' , but it's not displayed on the page? Is this a bug or related to importing a list from an xml file?
Anilist import/export
I found the old method to export your list to anilist much easier. It is possible to bring back this old function?
animes that are "so bad, it's good"?
the whole "so bad, it's good" thing can be applied to pretty much everything and anime isn't an exception. what's an anime that you know is shit tier but still find yourself watching til the end?
Seiyuu on the App
Is it possible on the app to have each character listed with their seiyuu? Thank you App is amazing
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku) - Episode 10 [Spoilers, Discussion]
Discussion thread for Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii episode 10. Aired Friday, 15Jun2018 00:55:00 JST. You can find/watch Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii at the following sites: Official Site Twitter Amazon What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene/moment? Enjoying the series so far? What do you expect or want to happen next? This is an automated thread, if you would like to take ownership of this thread please message @Josh