Random anime button (or manga) user script. *Deprecated*


Alright, so inspired by this thread, i added a way to more easily get a random anime or manga from your list.

What you'll need is a way to install and run user scripts. For Chome this can be Tampermonkey, for Firefox Greasemonkey.

Then head to my GitHub repository and click on the "raw" button.

A popup from your user script manager should appear, if not you'll need to install it manually.

For the script use itself, click on a category! (otherwise it selects from everything) and then click on the button near the list title.

Keep in mind this is my first user script, so don't expect too much yet. But otherwise i hope this is useful to someone.

Known problems as of now:
- Button not working properly with really large lists

This script is currently obsolete because AniList now has their own random button (this is no coincidence i swear (¬‿¬) ). I'll leave this up for.... educational purposes maybe? idk really.