Fairy Gone - Episode 2 (Release Discussion)


So it was definitely smart to keep expectations low, I am certain this is the first time I've seen a P.A works series that was centered around heavy action (I think), I have been inactive for 2015 till Fall 2018 season so if there were any shows from P.A works between those years, never saw or heard of it/them. What is a lot clearer in episode 2 is the storyboarding and directing, in general, seems to be unsettled, at times it is very noticeable that it is jumping from A to B frantically.

We got to see a bit more info about the fairies, normally they are implanted but Marlya seems to have gotten her's naturally, more so, it chose her. And thus far, her fairy seems to be more sentient as its more focused in defending/protecting her and acts accordingly on its own at times. And we also saw that there are different types of fairies with different abilities, they are very similar to that of JBA stands.

This episode was sort of a retelling of episode one, but this time, centered around Free and a friend from the past in Wolfran. We get to see some backstories, a little segment about their last meeting and Wolfran at graves of his loved ones. I think the two factions here are going to be the type where by law, one is right and one is wrong, but morally it will be up in the air. It is hard to imagine that Wolfran and Veronica are paired with the mafia to score some coin. Seeing the episode count locked in at 24 episodes is kind of worrying, this is definitely out of P.A works comfort zone, its an original series and the budget seems fairly modest, only time can tell.

Visually, I am not at all too bothered by the CGI, and this is coming from someone who really prefers shows without it, it's not as bad as people are making it out to be, like making your eyes bleed? Some people are massive edgelords. There are worse examples from other shows. Besides that, I quite like the art, backgrounds, color palette - even the soundtrack is good, while it's not within the themes of the show, it is still good and heightens the feeling of specific scenes in where it plays. It continues to throw a lot at you, I guess little by little, questions will be answered.

What did you think of the episode?

  • Favorite scene/moment?
  • Enjoying the series so far?
  • What do you expect or want to happen next?
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i find myself getting bored until a fight scene comes on and that music starts blasting in the background. So far that's the only thing that's really keeping me when I watch, though.


Something needs to happen to spice things up narratively, getting worried since the episode count has been revealed to be at 24.